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Zunyi Medical University started to prepare Pharmacy in 1974, and began to take in undergraduates of Pharmacy in 1976. After 23 years’ development, department of pharmacy was established in 1999, and began to national enrollment. School of Pharmacy was established on May, 2009.

Subject and specialty

Until now, there are four undergraduate majors including Pharmaceutical preparation, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical engineering, Clinical pharmacy, which is the unique and special deploy and control undergraduate major. Moreover, the number of undergraduates and Master degree candidates was eight hundreds, one hundred and twenty per year, respectively. Today, School of Pharmacy offers academic and professional programs of pharmaceutical first-level discipline for master degree, and eight programs for Master's degree of second-rate disciplines, including Pharmaceutical preparation, Pharmaceutical analysis, Clinical pharmacy, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Microbiology and biochemical pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical engineering. Pharmaceutical first-level discipline is “the domestic first-class” constructive discipline and characteristics of key discipline project of Guizhou province.

Teaching and scientific research

School of Pharmacy always sticks to theeducation idea of science and education integration and cooperative education, improves the educational quality constantly. Teaching tasks ofSchool of Pharmacy including basic medical courses of postgraduate student and undergraduate major of Pharmacy,Clinical pharmacy, Pharmaceutical preparation, Pharmaceutical engineering, Clinical medicine, Stomatology, Health management, Medical technology, Nursing, Forensic medicine, Anesthesiology, Aesthetic medicine, et al.

Up to now,School of Pharmacy has a school-level excellent course and a school-level high-quality course. In recent five years, School of Pharmacy has gained four provincial-level educational reformation, the number of published papers is twenty-six, and the number of published textbooks is nine. School of Pharmacy has also gained ninety-six grants of undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship teams and one provincial-level outstanding teaching achievement award.

School of Pharmacy is strengthening innovation platform, now owns National pharmacyal teaching and research demonstration center, Generic drug engineering research center of Guizhou province, Traditional Chinese medicine “2011” collaborative innovation center of Guizhou province, Joint international research laboratory of biological catalysis and chiral drug synthesis, and Green pharmaceutical engineering research center of education department of Guizhou province and national demonstration center for experimental(Zunyi Medical University).

In recent five years, School of Pharmacy has gained seventy-six Natural Science Foundation of China, eventy-five provincial and ministerial projects, twenty nine prefectural projects, and additional scientific research fundsachieved 20.43 million RMB, and the number of funding projects is the top of pharmacy in Guizhou province. In addition, the number of SCI-collected papers with impact factor is greater than 2.0 is sixty, the number of SCI-collected papers with partitions by Chinese Academy of Sciences is above 1 or 2 area was 1 and 21, respectively. School of Pharmacy has also gained a “First prize of provincial scientific and technological progress”, a “Second prize of provincial scientific and technological progress”, and a “First prize of provincial in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements”

Teaching staff construction

School of Pharmacy continually optimizes the structure of the teachers by training talents inside and introducing the talents outside. The number of present management system of teachers are eighty-three, including twenty professors, twenty-eight associate professors, and the faculty with doctorates are thirty-eight, faculty with senior titles account for 58%, faculty with doctorates account for 46%. Furthermore, one person have gained “Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Program”,one person have gained “China Association for Science and Technology Lift the talent program”, two persons have gained “ The ‘hundred’ level of high-level innovative talents in Guizhou Province”, two persons have gained “Thousands of level of High Level and Innovative Talents in Guizhou Province”, two persons have gained “Thousands of innovative entrepreneurs in Guizhou Province”, one person have gained “Outstanding young scientific talents in Guizhou Province”, one person have gained “Teaching masters in Guizhou Province”, one person have gained “Outstanding young scientific talents in Zunyi city”, one person have gained “Program for leading young talents of Zunyi Medical Uiverstity”, two persons have gained “Program for excellent young talents of Zunyi Medical Uiverstity”, and introduced six "Migratory birds" talents. In 2014, biocatalytic and chiral drug synthesis team was awarded “The seventh batch of science and technology innovation talent team in Guizhou province”. In 2012, this team was approved to be the excellent research and innovation talent team in Guizhou province.

Foreign exchange and cooperation

School of Pharmacy always focuses on strengthening exchanges and cooperation, and the foreign exchanges and cooperation are becoming more and more extensive. School of Pharmacy not only invited experts from Japan, the United States and Singapore to lecture, but also actively go out of the country and make academic exchanges in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. School of Pharmacy has signed inter-school cooperation agreement with Toyama Prefetural University of Japan, School of Pharmacy has co-operated Shanghai pharmaceutical institute of Chinese academy of sciences established Academician workstation of zunyi medical college, and long term co-operated Sichuan University, Shanghai pharmaceutical institute of Chinese academy of sciences and Sun Yat-sen University, et al. In addition, School of Pharmacy has extensive co-operated with provincial and foreign research institutes and pharmaceutical enterprises, applied the technical force to the development of medicine industry in Guizhou province, and achieved remarkable outcome.

Official website of School of Pharmacy, Zunyi Medical University:http://yxy.zmc.edu.cn/index.htm


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